Dog & Pony Show

Well, here ends another wonderful day at the recently renovated Ivy Manor Apartments.  NOT!

Today was the big day of the open house and ribbon cutting for the newly renovated building.  I use the term renovated very loosely.  They did everything as cheaply as they possibly could.  This place is the perfect example of what happens when the almighty buck is more important than the people, and bureaucratic morons are managing the books. 

Before the ribbon cutting around 1 pm, all of the people from AEOA (Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency), RMHC (Range Mental Health Center), and Lloyd Management Company went over for a nice meal at the Elks Club across the street.  At one point, one of the women here was told by the executive director of AEOA that the tenants from the building were supposed to be invited for the dinner.  Today, our building manager let us know that we weren’t invited.  They must have been pretty embarrassed by us to go back on their word again.  Must have thought the somebody would whip out a meth pipe for dessert after dinner.  Seems like all of these people forgot who is responsible for their income from the building.  Personally, I expected no less.  I should note that they did bring us leftovers from the dinner.  I was right when I said that they might let us have some of the crumbs.

Before the renovation began, we were told that they were going to move us out of the building.  That never happened!  They just moved us from one side of the building to the other, and then back again when the apartments were ready to occupy.  I personally was told that if I was moved out of the building for any reason, I would lose my section 8 housing voucher.  I checked with an attorney friend who told me this was more of their bullshit.  So, I, and 16 other tenants were still in the building during the construction, including during the time that they were removing asbestos from the building.  So much for the health and well-being of the tenants.

There were a number of things that we were promised up front only to have the AEOA go back on their word on everything.

We were told that we would have central air in the apartments.  This never happened.  They put central air in the offices in the basement, and in the hallways.  Lotta good this does me when my apartment is at over 95 degrees.  That’s 95 degrees with the heating being turned off completely nearly 5 months ago.

We were supposed to have intercoms in the apartments connected to the front door.  If someone wanted into the building to visit, we could let them in by pushing a button.  So much for that promise.  If someone wants to come and visit me, they have to call me on their phone, and I have to go down to the front door to let them in.

There was also talk about the AEOA making arrangements for the tenants to get a deal on their cable TV.  Never happened.  We were told that we would have free internet through the building.  Yep.  You guessed it.  It never happened.  They put together a small computer room in the basement just to cover their asses.  You can’t believe people who have gone back on their word as many times as these people have.

When I first moved into Ivy Manor about 8 years ago, it was one of the biggest drug houses in town.  The police department came to the building sometimes 2 or 3 times daily.  The first manager that was here when I moved in was totally pathetic.  She let people move in without doing any kind of background check.  The next manager did a hell of a job cleaning out the riffraff in the building.  Well, guess what.  It is becoming a drug house once again.

Yep.  RMHC started filling the open apartments with every dead-beat loser that they could find.  These are the people that none of the local landlords would touch with a hundred-foot pole and rubber gloves.  Every last one of these scumbags is a guaranteed government paid rent check every month, and that is all that these people are interested in.

Meth heads, heroin addicts, and hardcore alcoholics, oh my.  Yep that’s what we have.  I’ve come home several times to find a drunk passed out on the floor in the hallway, and I’ve had some pretty shady (scummy) looking characters knocking at my door at two and three in the morning looking for cigarettes and money.  I’ve never had to deal with this kind of crap before.  There are a number of tenants here that are looking for other places to live because they no longer feel safe anymore living at Ivy Manor.

We had a prostitute operating out of one of the apartments.  Starting around 7 pm, she was down to the front door about every half hour to let her men clients in.  We had people out in the front courtyard yelling up at her window to get in all night.  It just keeps getting better and better.

We even have a known rapist living in the building.  Women in the building are afraid to even go out for a cigarette at night.  And of course, the local police department should have an office at Ivy Manor since they are back to calling on us daily once again.

Sad to say, history is repeating itself. 

The Renovation is Done

So here we are. It’s been a year now since the Ivy Manor renovation began, and the construction people are all gone. I miss the construction guys already. Now it’s time to deal with the management, and I use the term management very loosely.

I’ve living at Ivy Manor for over 8 years, and for the most part it’s been a pretty decent place to live. The first manager that I had to deal with, Bobbi, was pretty much just warming a seat. She let anyone in without doing any background check. We had some real winners living here back then. I got lucky in that I do have a good neighbor. I had the most delightful 97-year-old woman living right next door to me. I really miss her.
Tracy, our next manager did a great job of weeding out the riff-raff and made Ivy a much better place to live. I really miss dealing with Tracy. Now we have a new manager and I have no idea which way this place is going to go. Or new manager, Lisa, has also been great. She has done her best to get decent people into the building. Unfortunately, nothing good ever lasts forever.

Everything is changing, and not for the better. It appears that Range Mental Health is making the decisions as to who is being placed here. Pill poppers, meth heads, heroin addicts, and drug dealers make up most of our new tenants. We even have a woman who goes down to the front door about every half hour throughout the night to let in her gentleman friends. You don’t have to guess what’s going on there.

Now we have to deal with all kinds of new rule changes. The whole building is now smoke-free. I can’t believe that they took a building that has been a smoking building for decades, and they expect it to become non-smoking overnight. It just plain isn’t going to happen.

We also started paying the utilities as part of the rent. Because of this, we are allowed to have our windows open no more than 15 minutes in any hour. I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous in my life. This morning, if the manager sees any windows open when she gets here, that person will be given an infraction. Maybe they should have thought about economizing when they were working on the windows. They did a lousy job of sealing the windows. When the wind hits the front of the building, you can feel the cold air coming in around the window frames.

The building was supposed to be renovated to be as close to the historical design as possible. I went from two sinks in the kitchen to a single basin which makes washing dishes a real pain. The kitchen sink looks like something that you would find in a commercial building. The bathroom sink is much the same. It belongs more in a rehab facility than in a home. The walls were painted plain white, and the carpeting in each apartment was removed and replaced with blonde wood flooring that was installed in a rather haphazard manner. When I walk from my living room to my kitchen, the floor creeks like something you would find in a 150-year-old house. The light fixtures are as far away from the historical aspect. They did everything as cheaply as possible.

We are also experiencing management harassment like never before. The manager shows up at odd hours of the morning to walk the halls sniffing at doors to see if she can catch somebody smoking cigarettes or pot. Night before last, the manager said that she came out of the elevator and the smell of pot “hit her in the face”. Her nose led her right to my door. She didn’t get inside to confirm that the smell was actually coming from my apartment. I have a neighbor right down the hall who is smoking pot and meth in their apartment all the time. One morning I heard this guy and his girlfriend fighting like hell in the hallway at around 6:30 am. I looked out through the viewer in my door. When this guy opened his apartment door, I could see a cloud of smoke billow out the top of his door. I reported this to the manager, but I was told by the manager that she had to catch him in the act in order to give him an infraction. I was given an infraction for smoking pot in my apartment, and I was most certainly not caught in the act. I and several of my friends were over at the Holiday Store when we were supposed to be smoking in here. The manager looked at the camera in the office and saw one of my friends leaving my apartment. According to her, this confirmed that we were smoking pot in the apartment. Where the Hell did she come up with that? A friend coming from my apartment only confirms that he was there. It doesn’t confirm anything else. The smell in the hallway could have come from anywhere on the floor.

My theory on the whole thing? AEOA (Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency) and Range Mental Health are planning to force all of the decent tenants out of the building so they can fill all of the apartments with all of the trash that are unacceptable to any other landlord in the area. Even the slum lords in the area (and there are a lot of them) won’t take these people.

More later.

Merry Christmas all


‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the trailer
Not a creature was stirrin’ ‘cept a redneck named Taylor.
His first name was Bubba, Joe was his middle,
And a-runnin’ down his chin was a trickle of spittle.

His socks, they were hung by the chimney with care,
And therefore there was a foul stench in the air.
From out in the yard there came such a noise
That Bubba got scared and rousted the boys.

There was Rufus, 12; Jim Bob was 11;
Dud goin’ on 10; Otis was 7.
John, George and Chucky were 5,4, and 3:
The twins were both girls so they just let them be.

They jumped in their overalls, no need for a shirt,
Threw a hat on each head, then turned with a jerk.
They ran to the gun rack that hung on the wall.
There were 17 shotguns; they grabbed them all.

Bubba said to the young’uns, “Now hesh up ya’ll!
The last thing we wanna do is wake up yer Maw.”
Maw was expecting and needed her sleep,
So out they crept out the door without making a peep.

They all looked around, and then they all spit.
The young’uns asked Bubba, “Paw, what is it?”
Bubba just stared; he could not say a word.
This was just like all of the stories he’d heard.

It was Santy Claus up on the roof, darn tootin’
But the boys didn’t know; they was about to start shootin’!
They aimed their shotguns and nearly made a mistake
That would have resulted in venison steak.

Bubba hollered out, “Don’t shoot, boys!”
That’s Santy Claus and he’s brought us some toys.
The dogs were a-barkin’ and a-raisin’ cain,
And Bubba whistled, and shouted, and called them by name.

“Down, Spot! Shut up Bullet! Quiet, Pete and Roscoe!
Git, Turnip and Tater and Sam and old Joe!”
“Git down from that porch! Git down off that wall!
Quit shakin the trailer, or you’ll make Santy fall!”

The dogs kept a-barkin’ and wouldn’t shut up,
And they trampled poor Pete who was only a pup.
Santy opened his bag, and threw out some toys.
Bubba got most, but left a few for the boys.

From up on the roof Santa heaved a great sigh.
Since the guns had been dropped he just might not die.
He jumped in his sleigh, told his reindeer to hurry.
The trailer started to wobble Santa started to worry.

Just as the reindeer got into the air,
The trailer collapsed, but Bubba didn’t care.
He was busy lookin’ at all his new toys.
Then a thought hit him, and he said to the boys:

“Go check on yer Maw, make sure she’s all right.
That roof fallin’ on her could-a hurt just a might.”
But Maw was OK, and the girls were too.
They fixed up the trailer; it looked good as new.

And as for Bubba, he liked Old St. Nick,
But Santa thought Bubba was a pure-in-tee hick!
Bubba had a nice Christmas, and the boys did, too.
And the Taylors wish a Merry Christmas to you!

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When, Where & How to See It Tonight.

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Mark Dice : Donald Trump’s Funniest Insults and Comebacks

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I’m a supporter of President Donald Trump. While I respect the man completely, I can’t help getting a few good laughs out of some of the things he says on the air.

What Real Success is all about

Many think success means getting everything I want. And we say, that’s what dead is, and there is no such thing as that kind of dead. Success is not being done; not being complete. Success is still dreaming and feeling positive in the unfolding.

All is Well

If you know that all is well, you know all you need to know. And if you know life is supposed to be fun, you know more than almost anybody else knows. And if you know that the way you feel is your indicator of how connected you are to Source, then you know that which only a handful of Deliberate Creators, respective to the total population, really know. The beasts all know it.

Your animals know that all is well. Your animals live in the moment. They understand the power of their now. They expect the Universe to yield to them. They don’t worry or fret or conjure or make laws or rules or try to regulate. They are Pure Positive Energy. Your beasts vibrate more on the Energy scale of contentment than of passion. Their desire was set forth from Nonphysical, and continues to be set forth by those, like you, who want Energy balance, who want sustenance.

The difference between the beast and the human is that the beast is more general in its intent. The human is usually less blended, usually less allowing of the Energy to flow, but is more specific. And that is why the human is seen to be the Creator while the beast is more the balancer of Energy.

Excerpted from Philadelphia, PA on 10/15/98

Do you have it all wrong? – Attracting the life you want is an inside job.

happiness causes success

Source: Do you have it all wrong? – Attracting the life you want is an inside job.

This is something that I tell myself daily.  Most days it doesn’t take very much motivation to put me in a positive and happy train of thought.  Other days I would rather fight with a polar bear than have to deal with having a happy thought.  On those days it just takes me a little bit longer to talk myself into a good place.

The Fate of a Snowflake

Snowflakes are now claiming that being called snowflakes is damaging to their mental health. Personally I think they should have been thinking about their mental health a long time before this. These are the people who became extremely upset when Donald Trump was elected president. The election is over, President Trump has been the President for nearly a year, Trump won, Hillary Lost, get over it!

What ever happened to the time when a snowflake was something that fell out of the sky during the winter? Where did this bunch of panty-waste, overly sensitive adult children come from? Why get so upset over something that you have absolutely no control over?

Hillary loves seeing all of this snowflake behaviour. It’s the American family coming apart at the seams. I couldn’t believe the people who had their children terrorized thinking that we were going to be in a nuclear war. Intentionally traumatizing your children is the ultimate level of child abuse as far as I’m concerned. Children are going to find more than enough situations in later life to traumatize themselves with if they are really that weak minded.

Come on you pathetic bunch of wimps! Stop fighting the President for no reason, and start doing something to make your America a great place again. President Trump is in office and there is nothing you can do to change that. The people who are pushing to impeach President Trump are in for a sad awakening come election time when they have to fight to hold their seats in congress.