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Well, the kids woke me up at 3:00 am this morning wanting to be fed. They used to wait until at least 6 to wake me up. I wonder where I lost control over this aspect of my life. For quite some time the kids woke me up at 6 am. Not one minute before or one minute after. They woke me up at 6 on the nose. I have a wrist watch that receives the time signal from the atomic clock in Boulder, Colorado. According to it’s manual, the watch is supposed to be completely accurate to one billionth of a second a year. The only things I know of that are more accurate than this watch are Misty and Johnny’s stomaches.

This was the third night in a row with only 3 hours a night sleep. For a long time I took Ambien CR to get me to sleep. Now, all of a sudden, rhe insurance company will no longer cover Ambien CR. So the doctor prescribed a new sleep aid called Belsomera. OMG!!! He should have told me that I was going to have major nightmare for the first 3 or 4 or even 5 nights. I literally kicked Misty off the couch. I launched her across the room. Johnny was the smart one to sleep up on the back of the couch. He was out of my reach.

Then, to add insult to injury, the guy who ripped off my Iphone and my jewelery, actually came back 2 nights in a row trying to play games with me. He said that he could return the jewelery, and he acted like he had it in his pocket. After a while he tells me that the jewelery is at some police impound area, and that he had to go pick them up. I told him to go get them, just to see what he would do. He went off to the police department then he didn’t come back for 3 days.

Yesterday this guy showed up at my door, and he was really kinda pushy about trying to get inside. I told him that I wasn’t going to let him in. Told him that I was done playing games. I said either return my property and leave. He took off again and I haven’t seen him since. Can’t say that it hurts my feelings any. I’m not going to get my jewelery back which is not a big deal. One of the wrist watches he took was a Fossil chrono style gold toned watch valued at around $169.00 retail. The other wrist watch and the two rings he took weren’t worth $8.00 together. It was cheap junk jewelery.

The last few days were just plain boring. All of my favorite channels on cable tv are showing 24 hour marathons of Star Trek Voyager. I like the show, but I don’t want to watch it 24/7 on 3 channels for 3 full days. So, I watch what I can find. The news is pretty much nothing but Trump and the Russians. Hillary Clinton is another major pain in the ass that I would like to see go away forever. Trump won, Hillary lost, end of story, learn to live with it.

Such is life…

Author: Chris Blackwood

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