The Fate of a Snowflake

Snowflakes are now claiming that being called snowflakes is damaging to their mental health. Personally I think they should have been thinking about their mental health a long time before this. These are the people who became extremely upset when Donald Trump was elected president. The election is over, President Trump has been the President for nearly a year, Trump won, Hillary Lost, get over it!

What ever happened to the time when a snowflake was something that fell out of the sky during the winter? Where did this bunch of panty-waste, overly sensitive adult children come from? Why get so upset over something that you have absolutely no control over?

Hillary loves seeing all of this snowflake behaviour. It’s the American family coming apart at the seams. I couldn’t believe the people who had their children terrorized thinking that we were going to be in a nuclear war. Intentionally traumatizing your children is the ultimate level of child abuse as far as I’m concerned. Children are going to find more than enough situations in later life to traumatize themselves with if they are really that weak minded.

Come on you pathetic bunch of wimps! Stop fighting the President for no reason, and start doing something to make your America a great place again. President Trump is in office and there is nothing you can do to change that. The people who are pushing to impeach President Trump are in for a sad awakening come election time when they have to fight to hold their seats in congress.

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