The Renovation is Done

So here we are. It’s been a year now since the Ivy Manor renovation began, and the construction people are all gone. I miss the construction guys already. Now it’s time to deal with the management, and I use the term management very loosely.

I’ve living at Ivy Manor for over 8 years, and for the most part it’s been a pretty decent place to live. The first manager that I had to deal with, Bobbi, was pretty much just warming a seat. She let anyone in without doing any background check. We had some real winners living here back then. I got lucky in that I do have a good neighbor. I had the most delightful 97-year-old woman living right next door to me. I really miss her.
Tracy, our next manager did a great job of weeding out the riff-raff and made Ivy a much better place to live. I really miss dealing with Tracy. Now we have a new manager and I have no idea which way this place is going to go. Or new manager, Lisa, has also been great. She has done her best to get decent people into the building. Unfortunately, nothing good ever lasts forever.

Everything is changing, and not for the better. It appears that Range Mental Health is making the decisions as to who is being placed here. Pill poppers, meth heads, heroin addicts, and drug dealers make up most of our new tenants. We even have a woman who goes down to the front door about every half hour throughout the night to let in her gentleman friends. You don’t have to guess what’s going on there.

Now we have to deal with all kinds of new rule changes. The whole building is now smoke-free. I can’t believe that they took a building that has been a smoking building for decades, and they expect it to become non-smoking overnight. It just plain isn’t going to happen.

We also started paying the utilities as part of the rent. Because of this, we are allowed to have our windows open no more than 15 minutes in any hour. I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous in my life. This morning, if the manager sees any windows open when she gets here, that person will be given an infraction. Maybe they should have thought about economizing when they were working on the windows. They did a lousy job of sealing the windows. When the wind hits the front of the building, you can feel the cold air coming in around the window frames.

The building was supposed to be renovated to be as close to the historical design as possible. I went from two sinks in the kitchen to a single basin which makes washing dishes a real pain. The kitchen sink looks like something that you would find in a commercial building. The bathroom sink is much the same. It belongs more in a rehab facility than in a home. The walls were painted plain white, and the carpeting in each apartment was removed and replaced with blonde wood flooring that was installed in a rather haphazard manner. When I walk from my living room to my kitchen, the floor creeks like something you would find in a 150-year-old house. The light fixtures are as far away from the historical aspect. They did everything as cheaply as possible.

We are also experiencing management harassment like never before. The manager shows up at odd hours of the morning to walk the halls sniffing at doors to see if she can catch somebody smoking cigarettes or pot. Night before last, the manager said that she came out of the elevator and the smell of pot “hit her in the face”. Her nose led her right to my door. She didn’t get inside to confirm that the smell was actually coming from my apartment. I have a neighbor right down the hall who is smoking pot and meth in their apartment all the time. One morning I heard this guy and his girlfriend fighting like hell in the hallway at around 6:30 am. I looked out through the viewer in my door. When this guy opened his apartment door, I could see a cloud of smoke billow out the top of his door. I reported this to the manager, but I was told by the manager that she had to catch him in the act in order to give him an infraction. I was given an infraction for smoking pot in my apartment, and I was most certainly not caught in the act. I and several of my friends were over at the Holiday Store when we were supposed to be smoking in here. The manager looked at the camera in the office and saw one of my friends leaving my apartment. According to her, this confirmed that we were smoking pot in the apartment. Where the Hell did she come up with that? A friend coming from my apartment only confirms that he was there. It doesn’t confirm anything else. The smell in the hallway could have come from anywhere on the floor.

My theory on the whole thing? AEOA (Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency) and Range Mental Health are planning to force all of the decent tenants out of the building so they can fill all of the apartments with all of the trash that are unacceptable to any other landlord in the area. Even the slum lords in the area (and there are a lot of them) won’t take these people.

More later.

Author: Chris Blackwood

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