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Well, here ends another wonderful day at the recently renovated Ivy Manor Apartments.  NOT!

Today was the big day of the open house and ribbon cutting for the newly renovated building.  I use the term renovated very loosely.  They did everything as cheaply as they possibly could.  This place is the perfect example of what happens when the almighty buck is more important than the people, and bureaucratic morons are managing the books. 

Before the ribbon cutting around 1 pm, all of the people from AEOA (Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency), RMHC (Range Mental Health Center), and Lloyd Management Company went over for a nice meal at the Elks Club across the street.  At one point, one of the women here was told by the executive director of AEOA that the tenants from the building were supposed to be invited for the dinner.  Today, our building manager let us know that we weren’t invited.  They must have been pretty embarrassed by us to go back on their word again.  Must have thought the somebody would whip out a meth pipe for dessert after dinner.  Seems like all of these people forgot who is responsible for their income from the building.  Personally, I expected no less.  I should note that they did bring us leftovers from the dinner.  I was right when I said that they might let us have some of the crumbs.

Before the renovation began, we were told that they were going to move us out of the building.  That never happened!  They just moved us from one side of the building to the other, and then back again when the apartments were ready to occupy.  I personally was told that if I was moved out of the building for any reason, I would lose my section 8 housing voucher.  I checked with an attorney friend who told me this was more of their bullshit.  So, I, and 16 other tenants were still in the building during the construction, including during the time that they were removing asbestos from the building.  So much for the health and well-being of the tenants.

There were a number of things that we were promised up front only to have the AEOA go back on their word on everything.

We were told that we would have central air in the apartments.  This never happened.  They put central air in the offices in the basement, and in the hallways.  Lotta good this does me when my apartment is at over 95 degrees.  That’s 95 degrees with the heating being turned off completely nearly 5 months ago.

We were supposed to have intercoms in the apartments connected to the front door.  If someone wanted into the building to visit, we could let them in by pushing a button.  So much for that promise.  If someone wants to come and visit me, they have to call me on their phone, and I have to go down to the front door to let them in.

There was also talk about the AEOA making arrangements for the tenants to get a deal on their cable TV.  Never happened.  We were told that we would have free internet through the building.  Yep.  You guessed it.  It never happened.  They put together a small computer room in the basement just to cover their asses.  You can’t believe people who have gone back on their word as many times as these people have.

When I first moved into Ivy Manor about 8 years ago, it was one of the biggest drug houses in town.  The police department came to the building sometimes 2 or 3 times daily.  The first manager that was here when I moved in was totally pathetic.  She let people move in without doing any kind of background check.  The next manager did a hell of a job cleaning out the riffraff in the building.  Well, guess what.  It is becoming a drug house once again.

Yep.  RMHC started filling the open apartments with every dead-beat loser that they could find.  These are the people that none of the local landlords would touch with a hundred-foot pole and rubber gloves.  Every last one of these scumbags is a guaranteed government paid rent check every month, and that is all that these people are interested in.

Meth heads, heroin addicts, and hardcore alcoholics, oh my.  Yep that’s what we have.  I’ve come home several times to find a drunk passed out on the floor in the hallway, and I’ve had some pretty shady (scummy) looking characters knocking at my door at two and three in the morning looking for cigarettes and money.  I’ve never had to deal with this kind of crap before.  There are a number of tenants here that are looking for other places to live because they no longer feel safe anymore living at Ivy Manor.

We had a prostitute operating out of one of the apartments.  Starting around 7 pm, she was down to the front door about every half hour to let her men clients in.  We had people out in the front courtyard yelling up at her window to get in all night.  It just keeps getting better and better.

We even have a known rapist living in the building.  Women in the building are afraid to even go out for a cigarette at night.  And of course, the local police department should have an office at Ivy Manor since they are back to calling on us daily once again.

Sad to say, history is repeating itself. 

Author: Chris Blackwood

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