The Heights of Stupidity

Things around here just keep going from bad, to worse, and downhill from there.

Ivy Manor is a rumor mill.  It always has been and always will be.  You can tell someone on one side of the building that Davie took off a glove, and by the time it reaches the other side Davie stripped naked and ran through the hallways.

A little over a year ago, a tenant was evicted from the building for being a major hoarder.  The problem was so bad that they had to put a “condemned” sign on the door of the apartment.  They ended up taking two and a half 40 cubic foot dumpsters out junk out of her apartment.  That’s five to six tons of debris per dumpster.  Old newspapers, rotten food, and who only knows what else there was squirrelled away in this place.  It was so bad that they actually had to dispose of the appliances in the apartment.  Can you imagine that?

Okay, now try to imagine this.  This same tenant is now trying to get back into the building.  And from the sounds of it, they will probably accept her application.  Why eliminate a serious problem only to intentionally bring it back in again?  When this tenant lived here, this building smelled like you were walking into a landfill.

Here’s a management company that I would never hire for my own properties (if I had any).

Author: Chris Blackwood

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