Who made out on this deal?

Isn’t the idea behind renovating a building to make it better?

Let me tell you where I stay personally on these issues.

  • The mantel piece above the fake fireplace was painted with oil-based paint when I first moved into the apartment.  Anything that I sit on the mantel sticks to it.  I thought they would repaint that during the renovation.  Nope, they didn’t do it.
  • There is a crack in the wall that has been there for a long time before the renovation.  I was told that they were going to put all new sheet rock throughout the apartment.  That didn’t happen either.  They just painted over the crack which is now visible again, and it’s nearly 10 times as long as it was.
  • They put a ventilation fan in the bathroom.  What a surprise!  It doesn’t work.  Neither does the exhaust fan in the hood over the stove.  I tried to blow smoke into both fans.  They definitely don’t work.
  • Every other apartment door in this building latches when you close them.  For my apartment, if the door is unlocked, the door doesn’t latch.  You just have to push the door to open it without turning the door handle.
  • The kitchen sink is a joke.  They took out the two-basin kitchen sink and replaced it with a single basin that is about twice as deep as the regular sink was.  This makes washing dishes a major pain in the backside.
  • The sink in the bathroom is an institutional fixture with an aerator screen in the faucet.  Turn the sink on anything more than a low stream and it sprays all over the bathroom.  Also, if I want hot water to shave or wash with, I have to let the bathroom sink run for 20 to 25 minutes before it starts to get warm.
  • The shower curtain rod that they installed isn’t even fastened properly.  I barely put any pressure on the rod and it comes down.  We were told that they were also supposed to install support bars in the bathtubs.  Guess what?  It didn’t happen.
  • They were supposed to install an intercom system between the apartments and the front door.  If someone wanted to come up and visit, they could call up and we could buzz them in.  So much for that promise as well.  We still have to go down to the front door to let our guests in.
  • We were supposed to be getting central air in the apartments.  Once again, the new owners showed us that we certainly didn’t count for shit.  The central air was installed only in the basement where the business office is.
  • The water in the building isn’t any better than it was before the renovation started.  The water straight out of the tap still tastes like crap and it turns my white dishes grey.
  • They did install new commercial washers and dryers in the laundry room.  It’s cheaper to take your clothes to an outside laundromat.  Every time I put clothes in the dryer I have to pay twice to get them dry.
  • The building is now completely non-smoking.  They told us at first that the owners were going to put up a smoking shack for the cold winter months.  We didn’t amount to a hill of beans on that one either.  We have a manager who is trying her damnedest to catch someone smoking a cigarette or some pot in the apartments.  The tenants who are smoking meth in their apartments are pretty much doing their smoking without any harassment.

According to the new owners of the building, they put over $10 million into the project.  The construction company milked the job for as long as they could.  I have no doubt that somebody pocketed a million dollars before the project was done.

You tell me.  Doesn’t it sound like the tenants got the short end of the stick on this deal?

Author: Chris Blackwood

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