A Day not starting out great

Oh, what a day this is turning out to be!

I’m reminded of a joke about the businessman who woke up one morning and started getting ready to go to the office.  He went into the bathroom to take a shower.  He reached out to turn the water on, and just as it came on, the shower knob came off in his hand.  He finishes his shower and goes to the close to get his suit.  The closet door knob came off in his hand.  On the way out the door, he picked up his briefcase and the handle came off in his hand.  He went to open his car door and the door handle came off in his hand.  The guy spent the rest of the day scared to death about going to the bathroom.

This morning I lost my cell phone.  I searched all over the apartment, I was sure that I had it when I went out to the bench.  When I got home it was gone.  I’m hoping that the auto backup on the phone actually worked.  Otherwise I lost all of my phone numbers, as well as a whole bunch of pictures of my cat Misty who recently passed.

Pardon me, I have to go to the bathroom.  Wish me luck.

Author: Chris Blackwood

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