Upside Down Christmas Trees

From a space standpoint, a Christmas tree doesn’t make a lot of sense. Bulging at the bottom and trim up top, a tree’s conical shape can eat up tons of precious space in the home. But no one says a tree has to be displayed right-side up. Flipped on its head, the upside-down Christmas tree only takes up a square foot or so of floor space, and gives you plenty of extra room to gather presents under it (for those really big presents you’re expecting).

Don’t you think that we are upside down enough in this country?

To My Cat: I Promise

One of my visitors sent me this and I had to post it.

To My Cat : I Promise

I will never move & not take you with me.

I will never put you in a shelter & leave.

I will never let you starve.

I will never let you hurt.

I will never desert you when you get old.

Nor will I leave you when you go blind.

If that time comes I will be there to hold you.

Because I love you & you are MY FAMILY.

The Day We Finally Got All The Money

Steve likes money a whole bunch.

Steve likes money so much he is in charge of money.

Steve goes to see all his money.

His Hollywood wife is also there to see the money. Even Darryl is there.

Hollywood wife loves all that money. “Look at the number of money right here.”

“I signed the money,” he boasts. “Do you want to touch it?”

Darryl wants to touch the money.

Darryl isn’t allowed to touch the money. “You need to have a billion dollars or be Hollywood Wife,” says Steve.

Steve and the beautiful Hollywood wife get to be a happy family together with the money. Maybe they will have a money baby!

Uhoh, it’s late and Steve has to go. “Goodnight, Steve!”

“Goodnight, money.”